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-american to attend university explains why race remains a crucial issue in the united states. >> south korean pop star has a u.k. number one. if you haven't heard it, hear this. >> the ridiculously catchy tune with its overtop video has become a global phenomenon. ♪ >> the song, what exactly is gangham style? >> it doesn't have any meaning actually. i'm just saying gangham style which doesn't have that much meaning. it's about some lady and some guys, you know -- >> the video has been viewed on youtube more than 300 million times. has more likes than any other in history. and despite being a self-parody has been affectionately spoofed by the thai navy, a gruche californian lifeguards. -- group of californian lifeguards and even prisoners in a jail. it's the latest in a long line of viral chart hits. remember this one? >> ♪ >> and what about the crazy frogs? but this is one has been more successful worldwide. when you play the song on the radio, people seem to quite like the song because it's catchy. normally with a novelty song like this people hate the song but quite like the video. this wor
. it was a dangerous showdown that gripped the united states 50 years ago. it was october 28, 1962 when the cuban missile crisis threatened to turn the cold war into a hot one. the bbc has gained exclusive access to new information that shows there was the second stage to the crisis. >> the cuban missile crisis did not end on october 28, 1962. cuba was going to become a nuclear power right under the nose of the united states, 90 miles from florida. >> there was a lot of attention for at least another three weeks and until that moment, we were at the highest state of alert short of nuclear war. >> i call upon chairman khrushchev. he has the opportunity to world the world back from the abyss of destruction. >> people around the world. the sigh of relief in october 1962 when soviet president nikita khrushchev agreed to remove nuclear weapons from cuba. but in a total failure of intelligence, the u.s. was blind to the existence of tactical nuclear weapons. meanwhile, negotiations -- castro began to see some cooperation with the soviets. >> castro is very angry at the soviet the trail. it sounds like
. this is he was in serious risk of committing suicide if forced to attend a trial in united states. >> i have concluded that mr. mckinnon's extradition would arise to a high risk of him ending his life. the decision to extradite would be incompatible with his human rights. i therefore withdraw the extradition order. it will now be -- >> cheers and clapping in the commons but today's announcement will be treated differently in the pentagon. in the months before 9/11, he hacked into the military. he wrote that the u.s. foreign policy is akin to government- sponsored terrorism. i will continue to disrupt. >> the united states was disappointed it. we are examining the details of the decision. >> it is not the end of the road. the home secretary has made it clear he could face charges in this country. she wants to reform the extradition process to make it fairer. >> if the message goes out that britain sees extradition as a one-way street, the other countries will also start saying, why should we cooperate with britain? but they will accept medical reasons for not doing extradition. >> two weeks a
camps inside the united states landed in the u.s. on saturday after a very lengthy legal battle against extradition. the nobel prize in physics has been awarded to scientists have invented different ways to measure and to study quantum particles. it was carried out by a french and american scientists. findings can open the way the superfast computers an incredibly precise clocks. authorities say that the body of one of the country's most brutal drug lords has been snatched from a funeral parlor. it was confirmed that the man that went by the alias the executioner had been killed in a gunfight with marines. >> news from the mexican government's point of view was mixed. they were brought down in a shootout, and after initial doubts, they confirmed that it was definitely the of the drug kingpin of the most wanted men in mexico. >> of the protocols of unidentified bodies, they carried out a comparative analysis of the bodies. the result was confirmed for those of the national fingerprint database. >> what followed was cause for real dismay among the local authorities. the body was snatched
as the united states made a decision to resume normalized relations with the new government after participating in the overthrow of gaddafi, once we made that fundamental decision, it put our personnel at risk. where you can eventually -- this was a diplomatic mission. they had not had time yet to work on a normal construction project and build a permanent facility. the state department was excepting the level of risk. while the jobless risk mitigation, you could never bring the risk down to zero. as soon as the united states was establishing a diplomatic presence in the benghazi, they understood there was always going to be risk involved. >> the sad irony of this is that american diplomats, since 9/11, the attacks, they have often been criticized for being too removed, set up behind brick walls, not able to communicate with people. >> that is always the balance. if you withdraw inside fortresses, you cannot do the job you want to do. you cannot influence and promote libyan society in the way that you want to. that is the conundrum. that is the balance that obviously we are critiquing in after
the united states, is bearing down on the east coast. nine states stretching from north carolina to connecticut have declared a state of emergency. 50 million people live in the storm's path. usually bustling cities have been brought to a stand still. this is the scene in manhattan where a crane is dangling from a 65-story building. >> it's a monday morning in manhattan unlike any other. the city that's supposed to never sleep is eerily quiet, awaiting the storm. subway stopped. even wall street not trading. the -- >> we're used to coming down and the water calm, much, much slower. it's over the banks and the storm hasn't gotten here. it makes me nervous. >> the impact of hurricane sandy is starting to be felt. high winds and crashing waves along the east coast. >> good morning, america. breaking news on the halloween superstorm. >> morning tv shows left americans in in doubt the storm severity. >> 15 million people in its path. >> storm preparations take precedence over campaigning for next week's presidential election. mitt romney canceled his events for two days. barack obama
to markets in the united states and europe. >> you have a country in which corruption is deeply set at all levels. then, you have--this is corruption, on one hand, and then, you have drug-related gangs as well involved and getting into police and the military. and then, to have a coup d'etat that tells the military and the police that it's absolutely ok to go above the law, to break the laws, whichever law it is. and you have the situation where we are right now. it's not new. this is not caused by the coup. but it has been worse by the coup. [speaking in spanish] >> radio globo is firmly identified with the anti-coup political opposition in honduras. its journalists follow a radical agenda. the on-air talk is of land rights, corruption, and the links between the authorities and violent crime. [speaking in spanish] >> but talk comes at a price. gilda silverstrucci is one of radio globo's presenters, and she's a journalist under threat. [speaking in spanish] [indistinct talking] >> 23 honduran journalists have been murdered since 2010. assassins have also killed lawyers, lesbian and gay cam
'd public sex offenders register. the united states is one of the exceptions with many states allowing the public to log on. in australia, they share information on places like youtube for facebook. duncan kennedy, bbc nesws, sydney. >> for the first time, the captain of the cruise ship has appeared amidst an inquiry into the disaster. no words at the helm when the ship hit rocks earlier this year. he stands accused of manslaughter and abandoning his ship. >> the arrival of the man that was at the center of the disaster. he came to hear details of the case being compiled against him. they were shot out of the inquiry, but they knew that experts with evidence inside, they simply sailed to close, too fast. this has been the captain's public appearance. face-to-face with several of the survivors. several of them said he won't be able to look in the captain's eyes. there were demands for justice. >> we all must die. we got out with a minute or two to spare. the boat had already capsized and was going to crush us. we were scared and we want someone to be held responsible. >> some say that t
in the united states, but as a result of our investigation, we did not have the competence these two companies can be trusted with infrastructure of such critical importance. >> the committee sounded convince the chinese state uses as cannot on the grand scale against america. >> we started looking at the new threats that has been prolific in the last few years from the chinese government when it comes to cyber as spinoffs, human as panache -- cyber and spinoffs, human espionage. >> they are among the world's largest manufacturers of phone and tablets and a network infrastructure. it keeps the global network moving. these companies connections to the chinese state and military are not well understood. the intelligence committee has urged they'd be barred from buying or merging with american companies and that their products not be used in any u.s. government network. they maintain these concerns are just not legitimate. >> we are of business, we are profit driven. we're not gone to sacrifice $32 billion of business and our future success for any government. >> to do we trust to build our netwo
. the u.n. -- the united states classifies hamas as a terrorist organization. now, the group which controls gaza has been accused of torture, police brutality, and arbitrary arrest. the criminal justice system reeks of injustice according to human-rights watch. there has been isolated cases of abuse. they deny that it is systematic. our correspondent reports >> security forces in action. soon after they came to power in late 2007. human-rights watched says that police brutality remains a problem not only in the streets but inside the prisons. >> in this report we found that the authorities are arbitrarily detain people, to nine people access to the lawyers, and torturing people. in the worst cases are executing people based on a concession that was given under torture. we spoke to one young vocal opponent has been arbitrarily arrested dozens of times over the last five years. >> this continued for several days. they burned my foot with a cigarette lighter. another help to me down and they burned me again. >> in the prisons, this is not uncommon according to the report. unusually, h
a statement. >> this is a great concern. turkey is a core ally of the united states and this sort of cross border military activity is very destabilizing and must be stopped. >> syria takes seriously the vote in turkey and the vote authorizing military action. >> in cases of border incidents, that happened between any two neighboring countries, states and governments should act wisely, rationally and responsibly. >> but on syrian state tv, the incident with turkey was not mentioned. it called for a combination of rebel attacks. the russian foreign minister who says he does not want sutton regime change is watching president." assad tossed back, vital for the regime's survival. >> the conflict in syria took on a cross border damaged a long time ago. pick it is being pulled from the outside. >> all syria's neighbors are being drawn into the conflict whether they like it or not. the region has been divided between president assad supporters and those who stayed behind in the rubble. iran has denied a consistently that they supply them with money and troops. turkey shelters the rebels, maybe h
am running for a second term as president of the united states. >> blaming unemployment on the president has been central to the case of republicans. >> under obama's economy, it is just not getting better. >> mitt romney told a rally that today's improvement did not mean much. >> the unemployment rate has come down very slowly but it has come down on the less. the reason is primarily due to the fact that more and more people have just stopped looking for work. i of the same share of people were participating in the workforce today -- if the same share of people were participating in the workforce today as work when the president got elected, unemployment would be around 11%. that is the real reality. >> some believe he has got a point. >> hundreds of people are taking part-time work when they want full-time jobs. there are still tons of people who are out on the sidelines who have not been able to find their way back into the labor department. all these people are waiting for much bigger change to occur in the labor market. >> he would like to hire new people. he runs a
of the united states. the two men vying for that job will debate each other in kentucky. the stakes are high because the debate last week changed the race. mark is that the debate site in kentucky. gosh a clash of very different man offering very different futures. joe biden emphasizing how the government and helped her, paul ryan with a stern vision of the american austerity. the man with a plan for drastic cuts in spending. some see how joe biden as dangerously loose lips, but his tough style height of the president under pressure. president obama admits that his performance was lamentable. >> governor romney had a good night and i had a bad night. it is not the first time i have had a bad night. >> obama with his failure to hit back by politeness and seemed overwhelmed by his strong performance. it is a tight race. >> a lot of pressure to do better than barack obama. >> some are demoralized and even panicking. they say the mood has changed. >> people realize this is not in the bag and before the day, they were saying he was such a small tumbler and bumbler that there was no way he can win
-only version. it is a way of cashing in on the 70 million users and tablet computers in the united states. that is a number that has jumped from the 30 million in the past two years alone. there are also more competitors. almost anyone can set up online. >> there is a lot of content online. companies well-established, you have websites like politico, or the daily beast. they have been around for years, well-established. it is incredibly competitive, it is gone to be very difficult for "newsweek" to get some traction. >> they have an internet presence already. the site has more than 15 million visitors a month. that is up 70% on last year. >> the editorial product is not compelling, they will disappear into the ether. i suspect that after 80 years with really good talent, with a great franchise, they will survive. >> job losses are likely. in a rapidly shrinking market, at that will worry competitors, too. print media is struggling to stay relevant. the debate over how to make the internet pay amid so much free competition they designed. competitors will be watching the digital transmissio
. sandy's trajectory shows it moving toward the eastern coast of the united states. the threat from hurricane sandy has put both u.s. presidential candidates on high alert. mitt romney's already cancelled a rally scheduled for sunday evening in virginia beach. with only 11 days until polling day, both barack obama and mitt romney have been importanting over the latest economic data. figures show the u.s. economy grew 2% in the last three months. the white house says the economy is moving in the right direction. the republicans say the figures are discouraging news. our north american editor, mark, has been with mr. romney on the campaign trail. >> if it's friday it must be iowa and ohio. for hit romney this is a relentless race from state to state, stage to stage, squeezing out every last vote with a new message underlying what a difference four years makes. he says president obama stands for the status quo. he is the candidate of hope and change. >> if you're ready for that kind of change, if you want this to be a turning point in america's course, join paul ryan and me. get your f
in helmand province. now there are some who say a rival state may not be achievable. >> the unit of marines was on patrol in one of the toughest areas of homeland. two marines were hit by gunfire and fatally wounded. a one afghan policeman was also killed. the m.o. de said in a statement that the provision patrolman were not in working with any afghan partners of the time. we do not yet know what initiated the exchange of gunfire. the investigation is ongoing. >> the female british soldier has been -- has been named lance corporal channing day. she was just 25. she was proud to be an army medic and always wanted an army career. the corporal who died alongside her was david o'connor, age 27. he was called one of the best, brave, committed, and a true friend. the u.k. may have to recognize that creating a viable state in afghanistan is achievable and p's on the international development community has failed in working alongside the afghan government. >> a huge amount of life has been lost in afghanistan. gains have been made since the taliban were in charge. but we have to focus on securing t
with the strain and who was associated with the united nations facility. >> cholera is spread through dirty water and sewage. and in many parts of the country, they are and just appalling state. and let it hit the coastal town, there were thousands of cases in the first few days. how does the u.n. response to the charge that it brought cholera? >> the un has to answer that allegation, but it must go through a legal procedure. i can tell you the work of a coordinator responding to that terrible epidemic, the fact that we have seen a significant decline in cases over the past year. nadia you find it incredibly difficult being the person the u.n. puts out to answer these kinds of questions. >> yes. i can't give you answers because half of the issues are out of my hands. >> it attacks the young and old. haiti did not need this. the un is an organization that seeks to do good in the world but it is facing a real crisis. that might be a crisis of its own making. >> a serious investigation there. we all know how james bond alexa's martini, but we are about to find out how he takes his beer. the world pr
Search Results 0 to 46 of about 47 (some duplicates have been removed)